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how to deal with wet floors

How to Deal with Wet Floors

There are tons of reasons why floors end up soaking wet – from various types of spills to plumbing problems to the excessive moisture that shoes track indoors during the rainy or snowy season.

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What Kind of Bacteria is on the Floor

What Kind of Bacteria is on the Floor of Your Business?

Your floors are likely one of the dirtiest areas of your business space. Covered in dirt, grime and other nasty debris, floors are vulnerable to anything whisked in from the outdoors or on the bottoms of shoes.

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our core values

The 7 Core Values We Stand By

What do you look for in a mat rental company? Everyone makes promises and claims to be the best. It’s rare to find a company that keeps its promises. Rarer, still, are companies that have an existing reputation and decades to show for their excellence in keeping their promises.

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NorthStar Mat Service Food Drive in Collaboration with Gleaners and Kroger

Help Bring Hope to the Table for hungry families when you shop at your local Kroger grocery store. North Star Mats is teaming up with Kroger is teaming up with Gleaners Community Food Bank, 104.3 WOMC and Fox 2 Detroit to collect donations and help feed hungry neighbors this winter.

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commercial entrance mats

Creating a Winter Floor Mat Plan

Winter is coming. Do you have the right commercial entrance mats to combat the challenges that come with the season? We’ve got some helpful tips for creating a comprehensive and effective winter floor mat plan for your facility!

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scraper mat

4 Signs Your Business Needs a Scraper Mat

  Almost every business seems to have it – a scraper mat that sits at the front door entrance. But how do you know that you need one?

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commercial floor mats

Should You Rent or Buy Commercial Mats?

When deciding whether your business’ commercial mats should be sourced through a rental mat service or if you should just purchase them yourself, you may get flustered in your endless online search.

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how to mop

How to Mop Your Business Floors

Mopping is a dismal chore, but if you figure out how to mop correctly, your business will look amazing and your customers will be impressed! So, here’s how to mop your business floors for the most effective clean.

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slip hazards in the workplace

Dealing with Slip Hazards in the Workplace

Are you giving your employees adequate protection against slip hazards in the workplace? Slip, trip, and fall accidents account for 15% of all accidental deaths, and injuries from these accidents cost businesses $13 to $14 million every year.

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fatigue management plan

Combating Worker Fatigue with a Fatigue Management Plan

There is a silent killer in workplaces across America and everyone is a possible victim to it: fatigue. Fatigue negatively affects almost 40% of all workers, decreasing concentration and memory function, and increasing the difficulty of performing tasks.

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