Beware The Enemies of Business Safety!

Warning! These Enemies of Business Safety Are Coming For You!

Look out! Beware! They’re everywhere! Frigid, Slickster, and H2O are on the loose, and they’re determined to wreak havoc on your business’s floors. For your safety and preparation, read the following profiles of these heinous scoundrels. Learn who they are and how you can stop them before it’s too late:

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Difference Between Quality and Cheap Floor Mats

Floor mats are one of those things that you should never risk buying cheap. They work hard keeping your floors clean, up decrease slip and fall accidents, and protect your floors.

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Noise control

How Proper Matting Can Reduce Noise

Does the thought of anything falling on the floor of your business bring your hands to your ears? Do conversations across the dining room sound like they’re happening right in front of you? No one likes that! Not your employees and certainly not your customers. If there’s a way to reduce noise in your business, you should consider it. 

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stop dust and slush

Stop the Evil Dust and Slush with Superhero Magnetron!

No business is safe. No space is spared. The evil Dust and Slush are here and stronger than ever! Dust and Slush come in combos and are especially stronger in the spring months with the winds and rains boosting their powers!

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covid response

COVID-19 Response from NorthStar Mat Service

Safety is always our number one priority, and we are here to continue to keep your business clean and sanitary. In these uncertain times, we want you to know that NorthStar has you covered.

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retire floor mats

When to Retire Your Floor Mats

A good quality floor mat should give you a good year or two depending on the amount of use it gets on a daily basis. Knowing when to keep them and when to have them replaced is key to getting the best protection for your floors while also preventing slip and fall accidents.

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northstar values

NorthStar: Superior Values, Remarkable Products

Finding a quality mat, facility, and towel service with agreeable rates and outstanding customer service is tough. It might even be impossible if the right factors aren’t considered. 

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restroom odor

How to Get Rid of Restroom Odor

Restroom odor in a restaurant, office, or business is a big problem. How you get rid of restroom odor depends on a few factors specific to your bathroom. Fear not. NorthStar Mat Service has your solution. 

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floor mops

Choosing the Right Floor Mops for Your Business

Choosing the right floor mops for your business might seem like a simple decision. Find the first thing that says “mop,” get it, throw it in the utility closet, and call it a day. Done and done. 

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floor protection

How to Protect Your Business’s Floors from Snow

The wonders of winter come with many strings attached. One of those strings is the damage snow can do to your flooring. With a combination of water and salt threatening every time somebody walks into your business, it’s necessary to have floor-saving products in place.

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