Choosing the Right Floor Mops for Your Business

  • November 04, 2019
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Choosing the right floor mops for your business might seem like a simple decision. Find the first thing that says “mop,” get it, throw it in the utility closet, and call it a day. Done and done. 

Unfortunately, if you do this, not only will you miss an opportunity to increase the productivity of your employees when they’re cleaning, but you’ll also assign dozens of duties to a mop that it wasn’t designed to tackle. That means you’ll have to get another one very soon. 

Every Mop Has It’s Place

You wouldn’t ask your veterinarian to fix your transmission or your computer guy to mow your lawn, so why would you ask the equivalent of that poor mop?  

Not only does using the wrong mop for a job degrade it faster, but it will take longer to do a worse job than the right mop would. Here’s a rundown of mops for every kind of mess: 

Microfiber Mop

For spills and stubborn dirt on any floor in the office, microfiber mops are here to save the day! Aside from being specially designed to handle liquids of any nature, they are naturally mildew resistant. They’re also easily detachable and reattachable. 

That means, regardless of the size of the mess or mess type, when one mop head has had enough, all it takes is a 10 second change-out and you’re good to go! 

Microfiber wet mops are also perfect for squeezing under those close-to-the-ground chairs and tables, and are specially designed to fit into any kind of corner. No more pushing a thick line of dirt into a crevice. The absorbent nature of microfiber, as well as its grab-anything properties, will leave nothing but a clean floor when it’s done. 

Wet Mop

For a classic clean with some futuristic features, a wet mop is what you need. Nothing says clean like a large wet mop soaked with cleaning agents. 

There’s a reason why the wet mop has endured the test of time, and it’s this: stellar effectiveness for a wide range of messes. Dry dirt caked in layers and pools of unknown sticky stuff don’t stand a chance. 

With the right mop bucket and squeezer, the wet mop can be as saturated or damp as needed for the situation. Doing a basic floor wipe and want it to dry fast? Squeeze as much diluted cleaning agent from the mop head as possible and watch the cleaner start evaporating before you even finish the room! Got a stubborn mess? Soak the head, lightly squeeze the excess agent, and drench the problem area until it gives. 

At the end of the day, the wet mop head can be washed and reused. This prevents bacteria and mildew from forming and dispersing around your floors. 

Dust Mop

For a versatile  tool, a quality dust mop is unparallelled in function and use. No other mop head boasts an ability to sweep ceilings and walls as effortlessly as it does the floor. 

With a wide range of lengths, a dust mop can reach even the toughest of spots. From warehouses to office spaces, there’s a dust mop available to strengthen your dirt fighting force. 

Used in conjunction with a wet mop, microfiber mop, or both, the dust and dirt in your office will have nowhere to hide. 

NorthStar Has Your Floor Care Solutions

No matter what messes come your way, NorthStar has the floor mops you need to keep dirt out of your business or office. We also proudly supply towel services and facility services with the top-notch quality NorthStar is known for. Call us at 1-800-994-9797 to blast your dirty floor problems into the past.