How Proper Matting Can Reduce Noise

  • June 30, 2020
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Does the thought of anything falling on the floor of your business bring your hands to your ears? Do conversations across the dining room sound like they’re happening right in front of you? No one likes that! Not your employees and certainly not your customers. If there’s a way to reduce noise in your business, you should consider it. 

Luckily, there are things you can do to reduce noise in your business, and NorthStar can help! Here’s what you need to know: 

Understanding How To Reduce Noise in Your Business

There are two types of noises that cause problems in indoor spaces: impact and airborne. Both are present in most businesses and, when in abundance, can make any space intolerable to be in. 

Impact Noises

When we talk about impact noise, think of objects dropping on the floor, loud footsteps, heavy items being dragged, and even the sound of metal cutlery on plates. Impact noises can be sudden and jarring, particularly in sparsely decorated rooms where there’s little to absorb the sound. 

Airborne Noises

Airborne noises, on the other hand, are those that “roam” freely about in the airwaves. Some examples are the sound of chatter, the motors of your appliances, and the distant speeding car. While these noises are often softer and less grating than impact noises, in abundance, they can be equally problematic.

In isolation and for quick periods, these noises are tolerable. In a busy place of business, where employees, customers, and gadgetry are buzzing without consideration, they can be annoying, unconducive, and borderline unhealthy.

“Hard” building materials also make the noise problem worse. Concrete, tiles, and hardwood do not absorb the noise, but let it bounce about in the room. This is where floor mats work their magic.

How Proper Matting Helps

Using floor mats for soundproofing is not a novel idea. They have long been used in businesses where noise needs to be blocked or contained, like music and recording studios. In fact, there are specialized soundproofing floor mats that do exactly that.

But of course, anything that is highly-specialized is often too expensive and not ideal for most environments. Thick, durable, commercial floor mats can provide adequate noise barriers and can be used for most every business situation. The goal, after all, is to dampen the noise – not completely eliminate it.

What you need is a set of rubber-backed floor mats. Materials like the rubber in floor mats effectively absorb much of the impact noise and soften the noise that gets airborne. As a result, the noise is kept at a most tolerable, pleasant minimum.

How to Use Mats to Reduce Noise

There are two important factors to consider when it comes to controlling noise levels in your business using floor mats: floor mat type and coverage.

What you need are high-quality floor mats with sufficient rubber backing that cover as much flooring as possible. The louder it gets in your space of business, the more floor coverage you’ll need from your floor mats.  

Just One More Reason to Invest in Commercial Floor Mats From NorthStar!

Floor mats are, truly, a must-have in your business. They not only keep your floors clean and safe, they keep the noise down too! NorthStar has the mats you need to make your employees and customers happy.

Interested? Talk to us today – we’ll give you a walkthrough of all the other benefits to be had from quality floor mats. Call (800) 994-9797 or send us your inquiries here.