One cannot simply “last” in a business for 50 years. An illustrious history and a reputable name like ours is not built overnight. Nor is it built on empty promises and second-rate results. At NorthStar Mat Service, our fifty years in the business is founded on an unrivaled commitment to customer satisfaction and our core values which guide everything we do here at NorthStar Mat Service.


We believe in honest, reliable service. Every time we send out an order, we put our long-standing reputation on the line. Every step of our practice is guided by this, from servicing to delivery to billing. We can assure you that the products we provide are the quality that we say they are, that our schedules are on time, and that our rates are honest and highly competitive.


At our company, we don’t accept run-of-the-mill results. We believe in services that work specifically for you. So, we don’t just give you service – we offer you solutions through careful strategizing to cater to your most specific needs. We help you define your goals and carve a path to ensure you’ll meet those goals. NorthStar has designed every step of our process to help you advance.


NorthStar Mats is all about precision. There’s no second-guessing. Everyone on the team knows their precise role and contribution to the operations. We carefully plan out everything we do for each client – from the highest-ranking people in the boardroom to the very people that deliver your items. We have no room for delays, mistakes, and especially no room for mediocrity in this organization.


Customer satisfaction is our fuel. It keeps us moving. So, everything that we do is driven by our desire and commitment to meet your needs and give you service that is nothing short of the best. We continuously train and improve our operations to make sure that we can consistently deliver the customer satisfaction that our humble company is founded on. Our company never stops at “okay.” We never stop at good. We always go for more.


We strive for excellence in every part of our operations. We make sure that everyone that gets on board with has the knowledge, skills and awareness required to deliver services that are up to par with the same tradition of excellence that we have upheld for the last half century. NorthStar also invests in our team members by continuously training with new techniques to help grow our company and improve the service that we deliver to you.


At the very heart of our operations is family. Throughout the years, our family-run company has discovered that the best way to achieve our goals and become the company that we strive to be is to work together as a solid, unified team. Many of our workers have been with us for years and are every bit a part of the generations of the same family that established and still run this business. As a result, our sense of unity is evident in our operations. We cooperate fully. We communicate openly and effectively. And, we share the same sense of responsibility for the company, for its mission and for its customers.


Your complete satisfaction is our first priority. We believe in the value of listening to you, understanding you, and of going that extra mile to meet your most pressing needs. Everyone in the NorthStar family is geared towards helping you in any way we can and making every transaction with us not just successful but pleasant. Our personalized brand of service has kept our relationships with our customers strong and consistent throughout the years.

You won’t find our brand of service anywhere else in the area. For dedicated, expert, professional mat and facility services that truly meet your needs, contact NorthStar Mat Service today! Call us at 248-669-4422 to chat with one of our client experience experts and learn more about the NorthStar difference.

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