The future of business floor matting is here, and it’s NorthStar’s Miliken®️ D2 Convertible Matting. If you’re looking for a stable, low-profile, beautiful mat for your business, D2 Convertible Matting is a powerful option to consider. Here’s just some of what D2 Convertible Matting offers your business. 

Safe, Secure Business Matting

Though mats keep your floor clean, their primary purpose is in protecting your customers and employees. Unfortunately, not every mat is designed with long-lasting safety in mind. High-traffic and age can degrade the underside of any mat, causing a loss of traction and increased danger.

D2 Convertible Matting takes degrading out of the equation. With Adaptex Active Surface Technology, the break-through, lock-down technology behind D2 Matting, your mats are kept where they need to be. No more daily adjustments, no more sliding, just a stable mat where you need it. 

Low-Profile Matting for Every Application

The revolutionary technology in D2 Convertible Matting allows it to have a low-profile design. Traditionally, the only way to keep mats in place was to make them heavier. That meant thicker and taller. It also meant more trip-ups, more door difficulty, and missed-out applications. 

D2 Convertible Matting eliminates those shortcomings by harnessing the power of magnetism. With an under sheet that adheres to the floor and a flexible, sleek mat atop it, the limitations and difficulties of traditional matting are no more. 

Here are just some of the places where you can use D2 Convertible Matting:

– Elderly Care Facilities

– Industrial Workplaces

– Medical Facilities 

– Hotels

– Anywhere that a trip-hazard cannot be tolerated

Surprising Strength and Functionality

Expertly designed and skillfully built, our mats have the strength and dirt-capturing capabilities you’d expect from the highest-quality mats available. Don’t let its sleek design take away from its incredible functionality. It scrapes and holds with the same proficiency as it’s high-priced competitors, without the price tag or bulk. 

Quality Material, Heightened Aesthetics

Northstar’s D2 Convertible Matting doesn’t stop at revolutionary technology and peerless performance. The color and design of D2 Convertible Matting will match a variety of environments and bring out their best qualities. 

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