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Scraper Mats

NorthStar Mat Service’s scraper mats are custom designed for your entrance. Our scraper floor mats are highly abrasive and incredibly efficient in removing dirt from the soles of shoes. We provide heavy-duty scraper mats that are amazingly durable. Their specialized rubber texture scrapes debris from of the bottom of your guest’s shoes. With these features, you can prevent dirt from being tracked back into your facility, providing your business with clean floors. These scraper mats even provide traction and slip-resistance for wet atmospheres, absorbing all liquids from the bottom of your customer’s shoes.

Scraper Signature Rubber Mat

Entrance – Scraper – Indoor/Outdoor

Durable, washable all-rubber super scrape door mats stop dirt in its tracks! The Super Scrape Outside Door Mat traps tough dirt and grime outside the door, before it enters the building. The specialized outdoor non slip matting has a molded rubber tread pattern, is slip resistant and provides anti-fatigue properties. Constructed of extra heavy rubber, the SuperScrape stays in place. This non-slip matting is available in either a 100% Nitrile Rubber version (oil and grease resistant) or a Natural Rubber version.

                                                  Waterhog Plus Mat

Scraper-Wiper / Indoor-Outdoor

• Clean and dry – water dam border holds moisture; raised nubs are resistant to crushing and keep dirt below foot level

• Environmentally-friendly – constructed with 100% post-consumer PET polyester (made from recycled plastic)

• Safe – bevelled edges provide a safe transition from mat to floor; certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute

• Durable nitrile rubber backing

• Commercially launderable

Waterhog Entrance Scraper Mat

• High twist, heat-set solution dyed nylon yarn resists crushing, traps dirt and extends performance life of the mat

• Impervious to bleach, sunlight and repeated washing

• 100% Nitrile rubber backing for increased slip and skid resistance

• Available in 5 colors: Gray, Black, Brown, Navy, Red


We provide exceptional grade floor mats for your business. Our scraper mats are industry certified slip resistant, preventing your customers and employees from costly slip and fall accidents. These scraper mats are extremely durable and simple to clean. The material in which these scraper mats are made from provide a long lasting exposure for your business. Nonetheless, our service will take care to preserve the quality of your floor, providing clean and fresh mats during each delivery.

Our delivery process is simple. We ensure that our service is delivered on a schedule of which is convenience for your business. We offer exceptional, on-time delivery and maintain the correct quantities and quality of products that you need and expect. We vow to place our customers first before ourselves, and this is what sets us apart from competitors.

Contact us at NorthStar Mat Service for all of your floor mat needs. In addition to scraper mats, we provide a wide variety of other tremendously high quality floor mats for your business. Call us at 248-669- 4422 to speak with one of our qualified professionals today! We are here to help you and your business.

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