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Logo Mats

Logo mats are a great way to advertise your business. In addition, it doubles in functionality by providing safety and cleanliness for your business.


These eye-catching floor mats advertise your unique logo, providing another form of marketing to your business. Welcome your guests and customers with our custom tailored logo mats.

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logo mats for businesses _ North Star Mat Services
Logo Mats For Businesses _North Star Mat Services


Custom logo mats combine a quality portrayal of your business while promoting as well as maintaining cleanliness in your building. Whether you place them at your concierge desk, the front door, or in the main room of your facility, we ensure that our logo mats provide a sharp image of your business’s logo. Our color range is unlimited! We make sure that your logo is vibrant and clearly visible. Logo mats will also assist in keeping dirt and debris at bay, preventing the filth from spreading throughout your facility. The logo mats also feature a quality rubber backing, providing slip-resistance for your floors. This will help to prevent slip and fall accidents from occurring.

NorthStar Mat Service vows to provide high-quality logo mats for your business. There are many benefits to utilizing a quality mat service. Here are the reasons why your business should invest in high-grade logo mats:

  • Our floor mats address the need to easily send a message to your employees or visitors.
  • Specialized logo mats promote cleaner floors and reduce floor-care.
  • Floor mats will aid in the prevention of slip-and- fall accidents.

Contact NorthStar Mat Service today for a quote on our logo mats. Give us a call at 248-669-4422 and we will be sure to provide you with the quality service your business needs.

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