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Towels are an essential item for businesses of any industry. All businesses get dirty from time to time with regular traffic from employees and customers. Cleaning this normal wear and tear with towels can add up to be quite an expense for your business. Plus, without regular deliveries, you or your staff will always be running out to pick up more towels or rushing to launder them. Let us take care of your towel inventory! Using NorthStar Mat Service’s quality towel service could save your business a lot of time and money.

Cotton Bar Towels

Keep your bar clean with our 100% cotton bar towels. They’re completely absorbent and capable of handling any spills.

Herringbone Towels

Heavyweight stripe herringbone towels are 100 percent cotton and crafted of premium quality yarn for maximum absorbency.

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Disposable Towels

Our super-strong disposable towels work when wet and easily absorbs liquids, oils and grease. Roll of towels fits on a standard towel holder for convenient dispensing of a fresh, clean towel.

Shop Towels

Shop towels are used by businesses in a variety of different industries. Our shop towels are strong and long lasting. They can withstand oil, grease, and other materials without falling apart!


Our quality towel services are designed to save your business time and money. Let us handle taking care of the towels so you and your employees can focus more attention on the business. Our towel services provide businesses with an inventory of necessary towels while replacing the soiled ones periodically, helping you keep your business and your services clean at all times. When you work with NorthStar Mat Service to supply your disposable towels, we ensure that your business always has fresh towels available for use, no matter what. Contact us today by calling 248-669- 4422 to learn more about our towel services and what we can offer you!

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