Shop Towels

shop towels

Are you tired of flimsy rags and shop towels that fall apart after a few uses? Are your shop towels falling short in your cleaning needs? Stop wasting hundreds and thousands of dollars on items that do not deliver! Your business deserves strong towels that can beat the toughest grease and grime. Your business deserves NorthStar shop towels!

NorthStar Mat Service is your leading provider of heavy-duty towels. Our shop towels are made of high-quality materials with high absorbency so you are assured of towels that are not only ideal for use on various surfaces, against various stains and filth, but can also withstand multiple washings.

Shop Towels for Any Industry

Our versatile shop towel options are the perfect implements for use in various industries:

– Machine Shops

– Automotive Shops

– Repair Centers

– Window Washers

– Any Business that Needs Overall Cleaning Rags

NorthStar Delivers Satisfaction!

The quality that shop towels come in is easily negligible. Many business owners do not pay attention to the details of these rags simply because they are just that: rags. What many people end up truly neglecting is the accumulated cost of having to replace these supposedly reusable towels.

NorthStar has the reputation of providing quality supplies even for items that are considered insignificant. Our company has the depth of experience and understanding of the amount of work that these rags are subjected to. That is why we make sure that we provide items that can match these demands: tough, hard-wearing shop rags that can withstand both the grime and the necessary brutal cleanup they require.

NorthStar takes your dollars further, matching our excellent products with only the best, most efficient customer service. We follow not only a rigid cleaning process for your shop towels but also an on-the-dot schedule, ensuring that you have a steady supply of clean shop towels at every delivery.

Stop wasting cash and time on low-quality towels! Get the best shop towel service from NorthStar Mat Service and experience the difference only a topnotch company can make.

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