The Northstar Difference

Keep Your Restrooms Fresh and Clean

Keep your restrooms fresh and clean with NorthStar air fresheners and odor control solutions! Don’t let bad odors deter your customers from coming back to your business! Keep a clean business and maintain a clean name with NorthStar’s supply of air fresheners. Our odor control products are designed to keep the bad smells away and keep your restrooms smelling better for longer.

Air Fresheners and Dispensers

Complete your restroom deodorizing kit with our efficiently-designed air freshener dispensers that are designed for use with gel refills. Our fresheners are guaranteed to freshen for thirty days and are 100% recyclable.

Urinal Screens

Stinky urinals are now a thing of the past thanks to NorthStar’s deluxe urinal screens. Unlike its older and less-effective vinyl counterparts, our deluxe screen provides ten times more fragrance that lasts longer as well. These screens are also designed to help reduce splashing, effectively helping your urinals avoid the nasty stains and smells!

What NorthStar Can Do For You

NorthStar offers more than just the widest range of industrial mats for your business in Michigan. NorthStar is also your most reliable source for maintenance and cleaning supplies, including air fresheners.

Working with NorthStar means convenience and quality, guaranteed and rolled in a single bundle. NorthStar will make sure that you get the highest quality air freshening products without the hassle of having to procure them or keep them in stock.

Working with NorthStar for your facility supplies allows you to focus on the more important matters in your business.

Get a Fresher Business with NorthStar Air Fresheners Today!

NorthStar is the best way to keep your space free of bad odors. Contact us today to get started! You can call us at 1-800-994-9797 or get in touch with us here.

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