The Northstar Difference

Keep Your Restrooms Fresh and Clean

Smelly restrooms can cost you 30% of your business from returning customers. And most of the bad odors that come from your restrooms are from lingering urine from the almost-inevitable splashing. Don’t let this happen to your restrooms and your business! Get the freshest and cleanest commercial restrooms with help from the most reliable facility services company in Michigan: NorthStar Mat Services!

Urinal Screens

NorthStar offers one of the best and most effective urinal screen products available in the market today. These new screens are designed to help keep your urinals and floors free of the lingering urine stench, eliminating the inevitable smell that comes from urine.

Our urinal screens:

Are ten times more fragrant than old vinyl screens. NorthStar urinal screens provide ten times more refreshing fragrance that helps eliminate the bad odors from the acids in urine.

Help reduce splashing. The new design also helps reduce the splashing of urine, creating a funnel that directs the liquids straight onto the drainage, effectively preventing any splashing that leave unsightly stains on the sides of the urinals and the unbearable stench.

Have a sleeker new look. These new urinal screens are so designed to make the urinals look more hygienic and overall just better than the older designs.

NorthStar is Your Key to Total Restroom Cleanliness

Don’t let your business be one of those businesses – the kind that gets bad reviews and a bad rep over stinky restrooms. Maintaining restroom hygiene is no longer the endless and futile scrubbing and rinsing of the old days. With facility service options of the caliber that NorthStar Mat Service offers, keeping your restrooms looking and smelling clean and fresh has never been easier!

Our full line of restroom maintenance services has been designed with the busiest of businesses in mind. What we deliver is the rare but perfect combination of quality and convenience, allowing you to take care of the full-time needs of keeping your restrooms at their best condition without requiring you to take away precious time from growing your brand.

NorthStar is Here to Help!

Dial 1-800-994-9797 to get the restroom maintenance help that you so badly want and need. Our experts are waiting for your call – contact us today to get started!

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