Cotton Bar Towels

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To attract more customers to take a seat at your bar, you need to make sure it’s clean. This is why high-quality cotton bar towels are a necessity. When your restaurant, hotel or bar gets its 100% cotton bar towels from NorthStar, you enhance your customers’ experience by giving them a spotless, clean bar that will give them a chance to recuperate after a long day.

It’s the Little Things

High-quality towels are essential in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Allow your customers to relax and put them at ease with NorthStar cotton bar towels. Our towels get the job done right, leaving a lasting impression on your bar that will keep your customers coming back for more food and drinks. In addition to their cleaning capabilities, we offer our cotton bar towels for rent, meaning we will maintain their effectiveness. Make sure your business values the seemingly little things because these towels will completely elevate a customers’ time at your restaurant, hotel or bar!

High-Quality Rental Service

It’s not just about your customers’ experience; it’s also about you as a business owner. High-quality cotton bar towels mean you can bring in more business because customers will keep coming back to a bar that shows an attention to detail, or they’ll tell their friends!

Make sure your customers are satisfied, even when you’re not directly speaking with them. The quality of time they get to spend with their meal or beverage may be exactly what they need. Add 100% cotton bar towels to the mix to make sure where they are drinking and dining is pristine and they are sure to enjoy everything your business has to offer.

With NorthStar’s cotton bar towel rental service, you will get on-time pickups and deliveries and we’ll handle the rest. Don’t worry about laundering your own cotton bar towels – we have that covered. We care about your business’ success, so we will be flexible to make sure that you are getting the cotton bar towel service you need.

Contact us at 1-800-994-9797 today to get 100% cotton bar towels for your business. With a high-quality cotton bar towel rental service, you can improve business and make a difference for your customers.

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