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northstar values

NorthStar: Superior Values, Remarkable Products

Finding a quality mat, facility, and towel service with agreeable rates and outstanding customer service is tough. It might even be impossible if the right factors aren’t considered. 

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restroom odor

How to Get Rid of Restroom Odor

Restroom odor in a restaurant, office, or business is a big problem. How you get rid of restroom odor depends on a few factors specific to your bathroom. Fear not. NorthStar Mat Service has your solution. 

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floor mops

Choosing the Right Floor Mops for Your Business

Choosing the right floor mops for your business might seem like a simple decision. Find the first thing that says “mop,” get it, throw it in the utility closet, and call it a day. Done and done. 

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floor protection

How to Protect Your Business’s Floors from Snow

The wonders of winter come with many strings attached. One of those strings is the damage snow can do to your flooring. With a combination of water and salt threatening every time somebody walks into your business, it’s necessary to have floor-saving products in place.

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restroom cleaning schedule

How to Create a Restroom Cleaning Schedule

You might not realize it, but your restroom is probably the most important room of your business. If there’s one area of your business that customers are going to notice, it’s the room where your customers feel most vulnerable and are the most attentive to hygiene. If your restrooms are dirty, smelly, out-of-stock or otherwise below standards, you risk losing customers. 

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How to Calculate Your Floor Maintenance Costs

You may not realize it, but your floor maintenance costs can put a strain on your budget. After all, don’t your floors get dirty more quickly than anything else in your business? With people coming in and out day after day, tracking in dirt, dust, grass, mud, leaves and more, buildup accumulates faster than you think. 

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The Surprising Link Between Floor Mats and Noise Reduction

Noisy floors at your business? It may be more of an issue than you think. Curb the noise before it gets in the way of work and productivity!

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shop towels

How to Tell if Your Shop Towels Are High-Quality

Does the quality of your shop towels really matter? It’s easy to think that the kind of shop towels we purchase is negligible. They’re made for the grittiest, the filthiest, and the toughest of cleaning jobs and cannot possibly require anything more than the capacity to clean up stains, sop up the messes, and polish surfaces.

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the northstar difference

Breaking Down the NorthStar Difference

If you run a business, you know that high-quality mats are a necessity. If you’ve searched online for a mat service, you’ve probably seen a wide variety of mat providers. But how do you know which mat company is the best fit for your business?

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slip-and-fall risks

Are You Covering All of Your Slip-and-Fall Risk Zones?

Keeping floors clean, dry, and safe is important to any business. Everyone wants to keep their floors looking stylish and professional while ensuring the safety of their customers. However, new reports suggest that we might be underestimating slip-and-fall risks!

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