When to Retire Your Floor Mats

  • February 14, 2020
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A good quality floor mat should give you a good year or two depending on the amount of use it gets on a daily basis. Knowing when to keep them and when to have them replaced is key to getting the best protection for your floors while also preventing slip and fall accidents.

Here are some tell-tale signs that your floor mats need to be replaced:

Curling at the Corners

Curled edges and corners are telltale signs that your mats are thinning and losing traction. They also increase tripping risks, making it more important and urgent to have them replaced.  

It Does Not Stay in Place 

Another sign of poor traction in floor mats is movement. The backing on your floor mats are designed to keep them in place to help prevent slipping. When this backing starts to give way, it not only becomes ineffective in protecting your floors, but it also becomes a slipping hazard and can result in injury.


The first signs of fading in colors and graphics, especially in logo mats and message mats, are an indication of how much foot traffic they have to endure. When you see some fading, inspect your mats for other signs of wear and tear.  

Visible Accumulation of Dirt Underneath

The dirt that you see underneath your floor mats when you lift them up is dirt that the mats have failed to catch. This accumulation often results from heavy foot traffic, or your floor mats have thinned out so much that dirt and other debris fall off of them and go directly onto your floor. When your floor mats fail at this basic function, it is, without a doubt, time to retire them.

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