How to Get Rid of Restroom Odor

  • December 02, 2019
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Restroom odor in a restaurant, office, or business is a big problem. How you get rid of restroom odor depends on a few factors specific to your bathroom. Fear not. NorthStar Mat Service has your solution. 

Restroom odor is a powerful enemy, and its victims are your customers and their experiences in your restaurant. No matter how good the food, atmosphere, and service are, a smelly bathroom can throw it all into question. 

Smelly Restrooms Drive Away Business 

A common suggestion by food-network giants is that, when trying a new restaurant, go to the bathroom before ordering. If it smells, has no soap, or is visibly dirty, walk out. The thought behind this is that if the bathroom is like that then, it’s like that all the time. As a result, the customer’s health is endangered.  

Smelly bathrooms smell that way because of the presence of bacteria from two primary sources: urinal traps and grouting. If there are no other obvious sources of odors, then these two areas should be your focus. NorthStar is here to help! 

Give Urinals a Fresh Scent

Urinal Screens not only freshen rising odors, but they also prevent splashing of urine onto the floor. This limits the food source available to bacteria. 

Get Rid of Grout Odors

Grout is a very porous part of the floor, and it’s the perfect place for bacteria to hide. These bacterial colonies feed on proteins in urine and, with enough food, start to produce smells of their own. How to manage them is simple: don’t feed them, and have products to limit their numbers. Here’s how NorthStar can help:

  • Fresh Wet Mop Heads: Wet mops are your bathroom’s bacteria manager. Soaked in cleaning products, a wet mop can dig into grouting and eliminate bacteria there.
  • Urinal Mats: An ounce of prevention is greater than a pound of cure. Floor mats keep urine from the grout where it feeds bacteria.

Freshen the Air Directly

No matter how clean your bathroom is, it can’t always smell like a tropical getaway. Not unless you have the air fresheners to make it happen!  NorthStar has the air fresheners to make any bathroom smell fresh. Our stylish dispensers will also blend seamlessly into your bathroom’s decor.  

How to Keep Mops and Mats Fighting for Your Restroom

The biggest problem with mats and mops is that they get dirty. Over time, use and exposure transform them from odor heroes to villains. Mats will eventually become the bacteria trap, and mops will host colonies and spread them around. 

Therefore, the only way to keep them clean and ready-to-use at all times is to monitor and replace them when needed. Unless you want to keep track, throw out, order more, and repeat endlessly, then rent them from a reliable provider like NorthStar.

NorthStar Mat Service is Your Restroom Solution

We have the materials, knowhow, and reliability to make sure your bathroom is never left to its own devices. Our mat and utility rental service will ensure that your facilities are ready for anything. 

Give us a call at (800) 994-9797 and ask for a free quote! We look forward to helping your business today.