Wet Mop Heads

A clean floor says nearly everything a customer needs to know about your business. If it’s been a while since your floors have had a decent cleaning, then your customers may be looking at filthy floors wondering if the quality of your services are going to be just as dirty as your floors. It doesn’t have to be this way though if you have the right all-purpose mop on hand.

Not only do clean floors help protect your business branding, but they also help keep your employees and customers safe. This is because dirt isn’t just a nuisance that we don’t like to look at – your floors could be crawling with bacteria that could make your customers and employees sick! But don’t worry – it’s nothing the right mop head can’t handle.

If you’re looking for floors that will wow your customers and make your employees feel confident on the job, then get your mop heads from NorthStar!

wet mop heads

NorthStar Wet Mop Heads

For cleaning your main floors, such as your lobby, retail area, etc., our wet mop heads are the perfect fit for the job! Our all-purpose wet mop heads have excellent durability and they easily absorb spills, so when you’re done with the job, your floors will be noticeably clean. Not to mention, our wet mop heads are also launderable to prevent the spread of bacteria on your floors over time.

Simple-to-Use Mop Head Services from NorthStar

We know how busy things can get in your business space. That’s why we want to make cleaning as easy as possible for you, so we offer these high-quality wet mop heads through our mop head rental service. This means we drop off clean mop heads for your business to use, and then pick them up to launder them for you!

And clean floors don’t stop there. Along with our wet mop heads, we also offer microfiber wet mops for ease of cleaning in hard-to-reach areas, and dust mop heads to help you pick up dust off the floors before you wet them. And to make things even easier for you, we also offer floor mats as a preventative to dirty floors!

Maintaining the cleanliness of your business space doesn’t have to be hard. That’s why you should contact us at NorthStar today at 1-800-994-9797 for your free quote and information on our services!

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