Dust Mop Heads

Achieving a beautiful finish on your floor requires some preparatory work before you begin mopping away. And this is because while a wet mop is necessary to pick up grime and dirt stains off the floor, they are not as successful as picking up dust. Therefore, if you begin mopping without a decent dusting beforehand, all you’ll do is get the dust wet and spread it across the floor, detracting from that sparkle you were looking for.

That’s why it’s important to get not only a high-quality wet mop, but also a high-quality dust mop. And where better to get your wet and dust mops than from the business that specializes in floor care supplies – NorthStar Mat Service?

dust mop heads

NorthStar Dust Mop Heads

A basic duster or broom just won’t get the job done when you’re trying to dust those hard-to-reach areas of your floor, such as behind furniture and under equipment. That’s where our dust mop heads come in. Their size, shape and quality make them ideal for picking up dust and enhancing your business space.

Dust Mop Heads That Bring in Business

Think about it – your floors say a lot more than you might originally assume they do. When a potential customer comes in, if all they see is a dirty, grimy, dusty business space, why would they want to do business with you? Whether you run a restaurant and the actual cleanliness of your establishment is necessary for health code reasons, or you simply run a clothing shop or other business, people would rather work with someone who goes that extra mile to make sure they are satisfied. A clean space is one step closer to building that client trust.

That’s why we recommend getting all of the floor supplies your business may need to keep that floor looking clean and brand new. At NorthStar we have the dust mops, wet mops and floor mats you need through an easy-to-use rental program where we maintain your floor supplies for you! Say goodbye to dirty floors. 

Are you worried about them getting your mops dirty and having to constantly replace them? There’s no need to when you get them from NorthStar, as we’ll launder them for you!

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