family business vs non family business

Family Business vs. Non-Family Business: What’s the Difference?

On your search for the perfect floor mat for your commercial business, you may run across the issue of whether to go with a non-family owned mat company or to get your mats from a family-run mat company. We’re here to crack the code and tell you what matters when it comes to deciding to get your mats from a family business vs non-family business.

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reasons your business needs commercial floor mats

3 Reasons Every Business Needs Commercial Floor Mats

Whether you’re excited to start your new business or wondering how you’re going to get your business back from the brink of disaster, you need commercial floor mats. This humble product often goes unnoticed, but really packs the punch when it comes to commercial aesthetic and safety.

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is the five second rule real

Is The Five-Second Rule Real?

Is the five-second rule real? Whether you believe in it or not, there’s one fact we know for sure: germs and bacteria do not know how to count. Nor would they even if they learned basic math. Food that falls on the floor (or any surface for that matter) is considered ‘dirty’ when it touches those surfaces – unless you pick it up within five seconds.

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how often should mops be replaced

How Often Should Mops be Replaced?

Here’s a fact that will surely leave you wanting to know how often mops should be replaced: your mop heads can contain more than eight million bacteria per 100 square centimeters. That’s hundreds of billions of bacteria that are going straight onto your floors – ripe for the spreading and the multiplying – if you are not careful.

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restroom cleaning mistakes

6 Restroom Cleaning Mistakes

How clean is your commercial restroom? The small room tucked away in a hidden corner of your business space has the power to elevate or destroy your brand’s image. It all depends on how well you maintain it.

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Why You Need Winter Mats

Winter is upon us! While winter is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque seasons of the year, it’s also a nightmare in terms of floor maintenance. Snow outside could mean tracked-in dirt and debris, and damage – or worse, injury – once heavy foot traffic gets inside your premises.

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NorthStar Mat NFSI certification

Our NFSI Certification Keeps Your Floors Accident-Free

Why does NFSI certification matter? Floor mats are great for many reasons, like their dirt and dust banishing powers and the sense of style they add to your establishment. But, most importantly, floor mats contribute to the safety of your employees and customers.

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restaurant blueprint

Banishing Dirt and Dust with a Foolproof Floor Mat Plan

Did you know that close to 90% of all the dust in commercial spaces comes from dirt transferred by soiled shoes? Aside from bringing in airborne contaminants, soiled shoes are responsible for a more obvious hygiene problem in any indoor space: dirty floors!

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Clean Your Business Entryway Clean

How To Keep Commercial Floors Clean

Did you know your floors affect your clients’ overall impression of your business? One study found that appearance ratings on stores and offices drop by as much as 75% over lackluster floor conditions. In short, dirty floors have about as much of an effect on your customers as, say, a dirty storefront.

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anti-fatigue mats for chef in restaurant

Here’s Why Your Employees Need Anti-Fatigue Mats

There are many jobs that require standing for extended periods of time. Restaurants have hosts, wait staff and cooks who are constantly on their feet. Medical facilities’ physicians and nurses have to stand for extended hours during surgery or other extraneous work. This causes stress on their lower limbs and can have serious side effects.

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