Should You Rent or Buy Commercial Mats?

commercial floor mats

When deciding whether your business’ commercial mats should be sourced through a rental mat service or if you should just purchase them yourself, you may get flustered in your endless online search.

When scrolling the web, you’ll see all of the reasons that your business should choose a rental mat service, and then just as strong arguments promoting floor mat purchases! What is a business owner to do?

The truth is, there is not simply one standard floor mat that all businesses use, and floor mat needs may vary depending on the type and size of your business. Your employees may have plenty of extra time on their hands between customers to clean and maintain your logo mats. But maybe you’re a short-staffed, busy cafe, and don’t have the time or number of staff members needed to handle the task of cleaning your kitchen mats.

Ultimately, whether you should purchase or rent your commercial mats is dependent upon what your business needs are. Both can be cost effective, but it depends on which one is the most cost effective for your particular business.

Let’s look at our first determining factor:

Why You Need Commercial Mats

Do you need mats in order to prevent dirt and moisture buildup? To prevent slip-and-fall accidents on your property? To enhance your business’ appearance and promote your brand?

What type of mat will fulfill those needs?

Next, look at:

The Time Commitment You Have to Mat Maintenance

The reason you need mats will also determine how frequently and the extent to which they need maintenance. For example, commercial floor mats in extremely high-traffic areas might need more maintenance than the anti-fatigue mat you purchased for the two employees that stand behind the register.

Consider your ability to make a time commitment to the proper maintenance of these mats.

Your Knowledge of Proper Mat Maintenance

Knowing how to vacuum a mat is one thing, but knowing how to sanitize it is another. If you have the proper knowledge of how to maintain a mat yourself so that it lasts for the long term, then maybe a purchase is a better decision for you. But if you don’t know the first thing about how to sanitize a floor mat, you might be better off leaving your mats to the experts so your mats don’t detract at all from your company’s success.

And That’s It!

Our 3-step determining system is essentially this:

  1. What type of commercial floor mats do you need?
  2. Do you have the manpower and time to maintain those mats?
  3. Do you know how to properly maintain those mats?

If you do not have the time commitment, then a rental mat service is what you should choose, without a doubt. If you have the commitment but not the knowledge of mat maintenance, then a rental mat service may still be the better option.

But if you have the time commitment, the designated person/people to do the job, and know how to keep your mats clean and well-maintained for the long term, then a direct purchase may be better for you.

Now, Where Can I Purchase or Rent My Commercial Mats?

At NorthStar Mat Service, we offer mats for rental AND mats for purchase, because we believe every business is different and every business’s needs will vary. We want to make sure that businesses are getting the high-quality mats that they need, regardless of whether it’s through a rental mat service or through a direct purchase.

Still not sure which one is best for you, or are looking for where to get started? Contact us at NorthStar Mat Service at 800-994-9797 and we’ll help you find the mats you need!