Dealing with Slip Hazards in the Workplace

slip hazards in the workplace

Are you giving your employees adequate protection against slip hazards in the workplace? Slip, trip, and fall accidents account for 15% of all accidental deaths, and injuries from these accidents cost businesses $13 to $14 million every year.

They can happen anywhere, at any given moment, and can adversely affect your business. The first step in preventing these accidents from happening is identifying common slip hazards in the workplace:

Common Slip Hazards in the Workplace

 – Wet floors

 – Oil spills

 – Uneven floor surfaces

 – Ice and snow

 – Stairs

 – Improperly-placed and worn-out rugs and carpets

 – Cables, wires, and other clutter

 – Poor lighting

How to Prevent Slip Hazards in the Workplace

Slip, trip, and fall accidents do not just cause bodily harm. They can also adversely affect your business – from lowered productivity to costly accident claims and lawsuits. The great news is that there are many proactive ways to protect both your employees and your enterprise from the dangers of slip-and-fall accidents:

 – Keep your floor surfaces clutter-free. Rid your floors of everything that can impede walking. For example: cables, wires, awkwardly-placed furniture, etc.

 – Clean up spills promptly. Immediately and thoroughly wipe away spills before anyone steps on them unknowingly.

 – Provide adequate warnings. Some spills take a longer time to clean off, like oils. Others are just spread out over a larger area. Prevent accidents by making sure the area is properly cordoned off with highly-visible warnings.

 – Provide adequate lighting in every area of your workplace.

 – Add safety features to your floors. Invest in high-traction flooring and traction strips as a necessary precaution against slip, trip, and falls.

 – Assess all carpets. Curling edges, folds, and uneven areas are all slip hazards in the workplace. Replace old, curling carpets, or smooth surfaces over so they don’t become obstructions.

 – Invest in proper matting. The right floor mats can remove moisture from the bottoms of shoes before it creates slip hazards all over your floors. Floor mats also provide valuable traction in high-risk and slippery areas.

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