4 Signs Your Business Needs a Scraper Mat

scraper mat


Almost every business seems to have it – a scraper mat that sits at the front door entrance. But how do you know that you need one?

These mats do much more than look nice. When the right scraper mat is rented through a professional mat rental service, your business can save money on future floor maintenance costs, make your employees happier, keep individuals safe on your property and increase your chances of making that sale or getting a customer or client to return. But you’ve gone this long already without scraper mats and while the list of benefits is long, you’re still not sure if they’re actually necessary.

The only way to truly know if a scraper mat is what your business needs is to take a step back and evaluate how your business is doing without them. Here we’ve cultivated a list of signs for you to look out for that may lead you to the conclusion that these other businesses might be up to something with those scraper mats at their entrances.

Here are the signs that your business does indeed need a scraper mat:

1. Your customers complain about how dirty your environment is.

First and foremost, if you are already receiving complaints about the cleanliness of your business space, look down at your floors. Maintaining your environment isn’t just about scheduling time to put the gloves on and get to cleaning. It’s about finding prevention techniques so that even when your employees aren’t spending time cleaning, your environment isn’t accumulating dirt faster than you can keep up with it.

2. No matter how many times you clean your floors, they quickly look dirty again.

Your entryway may very well be the culprit. As a customer or employee makes their way onto your floors, their shoes naturally carry dirt from outside, simultaneously spreading soil across your facility with each step they take. Without a proper scraper mat to intervene, your floors won’t be able to stay clean.

3. You often find water tracked onto your floors, beginning at your entrance.

As individuals walk into your business, their shoes can carry not only dirt, but also water. This moisture poses a safety risk to both your employees and customers. Because of a lack of traction between their shoes and the wet floor, individuals can slip and fall down, potentially causing injury on your property.

4. Your floors are beginning to warp and damage.

The above two factors not only impact the way your business looks and how safe it is in the short-term, but it also impacts your business’ aesthetics and safety in the long-term. This is because eventually, due to improper floor maintenance and water sitting too long on your floor’s surface, your floors may begin to warp and become damaged. This will make your business look poorly maintained, pose a trip and fall hazard to those walking on your floor, and will also cost you big bucks in floor board replacement costs.

But how do scraper mats help prevent all of the above? It’s actually quite simple. They are made of a highly abrasive material that allows them to scrape off the dirt and moisture from the soles of shoes so that your employees and customers walk onto your floors with a cleaner, fresher start.  

This means:

 – Less soil and water getting tracked into your business, which keeps your facility cleaner.

 – More durability and floor protection, ultimately reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

 – Improved safety of your work environment by preventing slip-and-fall accidents.

But where can your business get the best scraper mats? Well, just like you need scraper mats to maintain your floors, you need someone to maintain your scraper mats.

At NorthStar Mat Service, we not only have high-quality products but we also pick them up and clean them for you! It’s as easy as contacting us today at 248-669-4422!