The Surprising Link Between Floor Mats and Noise Reduction

Noisy floors at your business? It may be more of an issue than you think. Curb the noise before it gets in the way of work and productivity!

Is it Loud in Here?

Floor noise does not exactly rank amongst what is considered hazardous workplace noise, but the constant clackety sound of footsteps against floorboards or significant creaking noises can cause noise annoyance. Noise annoyance has been shown to have psychophysiological responses, and can actually hamper your employees’ productivity.

While there are a couple of industrial-grade soundproofing options for your commercial space, more often than not, these solutions are extremely costly and require professional installation procedures. The good news is, these are not your only choices.

There is one item that is easily available anywhere – which you probably already have in certain areas in your workplace – and can be installed a lot of difficulty: rubber floor mats!

How Rubber Floor Mats Can Help Reduce Noise

Rubber floor mats are already widely-used in many workplaces that have loud equipment. For example, gyms soundproof their floors by cushioning loud exercise equipment, like treadmills, with rubber mats underneath.

Soundwaves would normally bounce off of tiled, wood, or concrete floors both from contact impact and airborne noises. The dense and soft material of the rubber mat cushions the impact of footsteps and other floor impacts that would otherwise have caused noise, while simultaneously absorbing and dampening any noise that comes from machines and other airborne noises in your facility.

If you’re looking for soundproofing solutions for your floors that are not only affordable and easy to install, but also work to protect your floors from dirt, moisture, and slip-and-fall hazards, it’s high time you consider adding rubber floor mats to your facility today!

Quality Floor Mats for Your Business

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