How To Keep Commercial Floors Clean

Learn how to keep your business floors clean

Did you know your floors affect your clients’ overall impression of your business?

One study found that appearance ratings on stores and offices drop by as much as 75% over lackluster floor conditions. In short, dirty floors have about as much of an effect on your customers as, say, a dirty storefront.

Aside from harming your aesthetics and business image, dirty, poorly-maintained floors are a haven for disease-carrying bacteria. One study has found that 99% of the bacteria and germs that our shoes collect end up on the floor – and carpets are some of the easiest targets for transfer. Dirty floors can possibly make your employees sick!

With your brand and employee welfare at stake, keeping your business’s floors clean should be a prime concern. Alongside maintaining your counters, windows, frontages and display shelves or windows, floor sanitation and maintenance should be on your priority list at all times.

Here are some quick and useful tips on how to keep commercial floors clean and fight the dastardly Dr. Dirt:

1. Clean regularly.

Depending on foot traffic, schedule regular floor cleanups throughout the day. Stores with heavy foot traffic – including restaurants – should be cleaned multiple times throughout the day. Cleaning is not just necessary when there are obvious spills, stains, and dirt because the nastier elements are often the ones that you can’t see.

2. Invest in cleaning equipment.

The size and quality of your cleaning equipment should match the size and type of your floors. Quality cleaning equipment, like floor polishers and vacuum cleaners, requires huge investments. So make sure that what you have matches your need.

3. Sanitize often.

It’s not enough to dust and vacuum floors. Because floors are too often exposed to bacteria and contain filth that promotes the proliferation of these disease-carriers, it’s important to schedule regular sanitation. Have your carpets shampooed and your floors sanitized often for a deeper, more satisfactory, more hygienic clean.

4. Invest in high-quality mats.

Mats, especially the highly-abrasive scraper mats, can absorb a great deal of soil and other debris stuck on the bottoms of shoes. This means that they can scrape off a significant amount of bacteria and other nasty stuff and prevent it from ever colliding with your floors. For stellar results, make sure these mats are maintained by experts in mat cleaning and maintenance.

Since floors make such a huge impact on the overall quality of your business as a brand and as a workplace, floor care and hygiene is an essential investment. So, get some cosmic-level care by contacting us at NorthStar Mat Service. Call 248-669-4422 to speak with one of our representatives and have them walk you through the importance of clean floors and finding the right mat for your business.