With its scenic natural areas, downtown cities and attractions, Michigan is a great place to do business. Whether you run a small company in Ann Arbor or run a large business in Detroit, you can benefit from investing in quality facility, towel, and mat services in Michigan.


Mat Services in Michigan

We provide a variety of mats for your Michigan business needs:

Entrance Mats

Scraper Mats

Logo Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Kitchen Mats

Custom Mats

Cotton Action Mats

Angle Cut Mats

Restroom Mats


Facility and Towel Services in Michigan

While we are best known for our mat services, we know cleanliness doesn’t stop at your door. That’s why we provide a variety of facility and towel services to help you keep the rest of your establishment clean:

Air Fresheners

Paper Products


Hand Sanitizer & Soaps

Cotton Towels

Herringbone Towels

Disposable Towels

Shop Towels


Here’s why mats matter:

Even if you provide a phenomenal service, customers may stop coming to your establishment if they suspect it is dirty and unsafe. Therefore, maintaining a clean environment is essential to retaining and gaining customers. No customer is going to visit if they know there is potential for them to get sick or injured.

The cleanliness of your space also tells your customers about your attention to detail. If you treat your space poorly, they may assume you treat your customers poorly. This can be before they even speak to a staff member.

To keep your establishment clean and safe, you need high-quality floor mats.

mat services in michigan

For quality mat services in Michigan, work with NorthStar Mat Service!

As you can see, we offer a variety of services to protect you from the stress of losing business. With our towel, facility and mat services in Michigan, NorthStar Mat Service is ready to come to the rescue! We service Michigan, including Detroit and Ann Arbor

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