Mat Services in Detroit

mat services in detroit

Are you looking for supplies and mats for your business in Detroit? Why not look for a local supplier?

NorthStar Mat Service is proud to experience the Detroit lifestyle on a daily basis as we service the city. We know Detroit almost as well as we know mats!

Towel, Facility and Mat Services in Detroit

We offer entrance, scraper, logo, anti-fatigue, kitchen, custom, cotton action, angle cut and restroom mats.

And we know cleanliness doesn’t stop after the first step off a mat. That’s why we provide extensive facility and towel services. We offer air fresheners, paper products, mops, hand sanitizers and soaps, cotton towels, herringbone towels, disposable towels and shop towels.

Quality products, services and staff mean nothing if your establishment is a mess! With proper mats to protect your floors, you can keep off those nasty dirt marks. With proper cleaning supplies, you can maintain your business’ appearance and clean up spills immediately! And with the proper facility tools, you can maintain refreshing and spotless restrooms.

Your business space reflects directly on your business, so invest in a clean image with NorthStar.

Contact NorthStar for the Best Mat Services in Detroit

When you work with NorthStar Mat Service, you’re not just working with a local Detroit supplier. You are working with one of the best facility, towel and mat services in Detroit! With us, you’ll find excellent customer service. We strive to give you the best products, because we care about the success of your business.

At NorthStar Mat Service, we don’t want to just be a provider. We want to be your mat service superheroes.

Don’t wait any longer – we’re right here in Detroit! Contact us today at 1-800-994-9797 to learn more about how we can protect your floors and make your establishment look and smell great!


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