Reduce Germs and Keep Your Restrooms Clean

In the eyes of customers, bathrooms can say a lot about a business. Not only do you want your bathroom to be well-stocked and clean, but you want your products to effectively reduce the spread of germs. Hand washing is crucial to keep customers and employees feeling fresh and clean.

You want hand soap that is effective yet soft on hands. So, trust the experts at NorthStar Mat Service to supply the high-quality hand soap you need today!

Foam Hand Wash

Our foam hand wash is formulated to strip away dirt and germs without drying out your hands. Our foam hand wash comes in a fresh, floral fragrance. Our foam hand wash is cost-effective and long-lasting, and with our services, our team constantly monitors your soap levels so you’ll never have to worry about running out. Our hand wash comes in both manual and automatic dispensers.

Let NorthStar Mat Service Keep Your Bathrooms Sparkling Today!

Whether you’re running a medical facility, restaurant, or hotel, you need clean and well-stocked bathrooms that are comfortable and safe for customers and employees alike. You don’t want to worry about germs in your hospital or restaurant as they can be extremely dangerous.

Let NorthStar Mat Service take the stress out of ensuring your bathrooms stay fully stocked and clean at all times. Our foam hand wash will kill germs and is enriched with moisturizers to wash away bacteria without drying out your hands. All of our soaps smell great and are GreenSeal Certified!

NorthStar Mat Service has everything you need to keep your bathrooms clean and stocked. From soaps to air fresheners, paper products, towel services, and, of course, high-quality mats, you can count on NorthStar Mat Service to deliver! We’ll bring you what you need, straight to your door.

To learn more about how you can get started today, contact us for a free quote at 248-669-4422.

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